Lands Village Hall Association invites all members to its Annual General Meeting. The AGM is on Saturday, 6th November 2021 at 15.00 hrs at Lands Village Hall.

The AGM will elect the Management Committee and Officers of the Trust; receive the Annual Report and Accounts; and determine any other matters on the agenda.

Association members can attend, speak and vote at the meeting. Also, members can stand for election to one of the vacant Trustee positions. For nomination for one of these positions, contact the Trust ( before 17.00 hrs on 23 October 2021 to make arrangements.

The Trust will post the agenda and supporting documents on its website at least one week before the meeting. Attendees must print and bring documents with them as copies will not be provided at the meeting. The Association requires all attendees to register at the meeting for COVID–19 security. Those attendees eligible to vote will receive voting cards.

Any members unable to attend the meeting in person may opt to vote by proxy. The section on Proxy Voting, below, provides further information. To vote by proxy, you must notify the Chairman of your voting preferences before the meeting.

Annual General Meeting Documents

The following documents are pertinent to the discussions at the AGM. Copies of these documents will not be provided on the day: if you want to reference them at the meeting, you must bring your own printed copies.


Minutes of the last meeting (AGM 2020 held on 18 March 2020)

Annual Report and Accounts 2020

Extension of AGM date proposal

Election nomination form

There are three Executive Officer positions (Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer) and 12 Management Committee positions available for election at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for these positions is open to all Association Members who meet the necessary criteria:

  • they are registered Association Members; and,
  • they are not automatically disqualified under the Charities Act, 1993.

For further information, please contact the Secretary or Chairman.

If you would like to be nominated for one of these positions, please complete the following form and return it.

Election nomination form 2021

Proxy voting

Association members unable to attend the AGM can vote by proxy. Complete the form below, and return it to the Chairman before the meeting. The Chairman may register your vote at his discretion.

Proxy voting form 2021

Minutes of the AGM

The Minutes from the AGM are now available:

Minutes of the 56th AGM of Lands Village Hall Association

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