Lands receives shocking AED equipment

Lands and Morley are now a safer space for everyone thanks to the recent installation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at Lands Village Hall. This potentially life–saving device significantly increases the chances of survival for someone experiencing a cardiac event in the community. The addition of the AED is a result of a collaborative effort. The collaboration involved the village hall, MissedABeat, Durham Community Action, and Evenwood and Barony Parish Council.

AED installed at LVH
AED installed at Lands Village Hall

An AED is a portable device that analyses the heart’s rhythm and delivers an electric shock, if necessary, to restore a normal rhythm to the muscle. Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death, regardless of age, gender, or physical health. Having an AED readily available can make a critical difference. By providing an intervention within minutes of a cardiac arrest, the defibrillator can significantly improve the chances of survival.

“We are grateful for the collaboration that brought this AED to Lands,” said Glenn Reffin, Chairman of the committee. “I wanted to install a defibrillator at the hall for several years. I am particularly thankful to MissedABeat for their expertise and ability to progress this work quickly. Additionally, Durham Community Action were very supportive and helpful. And Evenwood and Barony Parish Council recognised the importance of this project and provided the necessary funding. Having this equipment nearby provides peace of mind: we have the equipment to potentially save a life in a cardiac crisis.”

This project has been long in the making with equipment research and funding searches, eventually it all came together quickly over a matter of a few weeks.

MissedABeat provide essential support

MissedABeat played a critical role in securing the unit for the hall. It is a local charity based in Aycliffe, which promotes the widespread distribution of AEDs to help prevent sudden cardiac death. MissedABeat not only provided the life–saving device but also offered awareness training to the local community. This training will empower the community to use the AED effectively in an emergency situation.

MissedABeat install an AED at Lands Village Hall
MissedABeat supported Lands Village Hall with an AED installation

“Equipping places like Lands Village Hall with AEDs is a cornerstone of what we do,” explained Mark Preston of MissedABeat. “By ensuring these devices are readily available in public spaces and empowering communities to use them effectively, we can significantly increase the chances of survival for those experiencing a cardiac emergency. We’re proud to have partnered with Lands Village Hall on this important initiative.

“This is an important intiative because every minute an SCA goes untreated reduces the casualty’s chance of survival by 10%. The nearest alternative AED is located in Cockfield which is about eight minutes round–trip to drive. As soon as I saw that distance, I knew we had to get a unit installed locally.”

Durham Community Action also played a vital role in facilitating the installation of the AED. DCA is another charity, dedicated to empowering local communities in County Durham to improve the lives of residents. It provided invaluable logistical support and helped identify and bring the relevant parties together.

“We firmly believe that strong communities are resilient communities,” said Craig Hampton, a spokesperson for Durham Community Action. “We are thrilled to have been part of this collaborative effort and commend Lands Village Hall and MissedABeat for their commitment to community safety.”

Financial support for the AED

The timely financial contribution of Evenwood and Barony Parish Council was essential in making the acquisition and installation of the AED a reality. “Our acceptance of the offer of the AED was time–critical. The parish rapidly approved and paid the grant, which was beneficial, ” said Glenn Reffin.

“We were delighted to be able to provide financial support to install this vital equipment in one of our villages to support the local community,” said Cllr Alison Deakin on behalf of the parish council.

Community resilience and collaboration

The installation of the AED at Lands Village Hall is a shining example of the power of collaboration. The local community is more resilient to respond to emergencies thanks to the combined efforts of several organisations. This collaboration signifies both a commitment to public safety and helps to foster a sense of community responsibility and unity. The presence of the AED creates a safer environment for everyone who uses the hall for various events and activities, as well as the wider community resident in the area.

This project also serves as a reminder of the importance of public awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and AED usage. In the future, MissedABeat will host AED awareness training for the wider community, to enhance preparedness and potentially save lives. Any local residents who wants to participate in awareness training should contact the hall.

This is the latest instalment of the village hall’s ongoing refurbishment programme. It coincides with other community resilience projects that will enhance the hall in coming months, including the installation of an emergency generator, public noticeboards, and a refurbished kitchen.

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