Lands Village Hall Trust offers membership to locals, non–residents and organisations wishing to affiliate with us. Anyone over 12 years may apply to join (under 18s must have written consent from a parent or guardian). Under 18s can apply for the Junior scheme.

Membership is available for a nominal fee and offers the following benefits:

  • preferential rates for hall hire;
  • reduced price/free entry to some events;
  • reduced price entry to some clubs’ sessions and classes; and, 
  • the right to participate in the democracy of the Association.

Additionally, membership helps us create a small income stream for our goals, build a local network, and aids members to become more active in society and get involved in our events. Step by step, we hope these benefits will include access to unique member experiences, news and updates, and offers from our sponsors.

In 2021, New Local merged current research to show that being active in community groups has the following six benefits:

  1. improvement in personal health and wellbeing;
  2. strengthening social wellbeing and resilience;
  3. enhancing democratic engagement;
  4. building social cohesion;
  5. embedding prevention and early intervention in public services; and,
  6. creating financial savings.

How much does it cost?

The yearly period runs from 1 January until 31 December each year. Our fees cover 12 months, but we do not offer partial rates or refunds during the year.

The following table shows the agreed Membership fees by the Trust. 

CategoryDescriptionAnnual subscription
IndividualAdult residents in Lands area£2.50
FamilyUp to two adults and two children over 12 resident in a single household in Lands area£6.00
JuniorIndividual children over 12 resident in Lands area with written permission of a parent/guardian£1.50
AssociateAdults not permanently resident in the Lands area£3.00
Affiliate OrganisationVoluntary organisations operating in the Lands area, which satisfy the Trust they are independent, or branchesof national independent organisations.£25.00
Lands area covers: Low Lands, High Lands, Morley, Lands Bank, the Slack.

How to become a member

To become a member, you must complete a simple application form. When you send your details to the Trust, you must pay the fee. The Trust will consider your application at its next meeting. Your membership will last from the approval date until the end of the year. In the unlikely event that the Trust cannot approve your application, it will repay your fee.

Membership card

When you become a member, you will receive a membership card. You must show your card when claiming special rates at events, reduced ticket prices, etc. Also, you must show your card to vote at the AGM. The Trust may issue a duplicate at its discretion. The card remains the property of the Trust, which may revoke it or its benefits at any time.