Become a volunteer

It is easy to become a volunteer for Lands Village Hall Association. We have a broad spectrum of roles, from short-term tasks to long-term functions. These can improve social and technical skills, which can be fun or useful in preparation for joining or returning to the job market.

Benefits of becoming a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer can alleviate anxiety, boredom and loneliness. It will improve your social engagement and enable you to make new friends and meet your neighbours. Whether you are a social butterfly or more of a wallflower, everyone should enjoy spending some time with other people and broadening your circle of associates is healthy. You might find another volunteer with a shared interest. Or you might make friends with someone who shares your sense of humour.

For us, volunteers are invaluable. Volunteers enable us to do our work in the community; we have no paid roles in our Trust: we are all volunteers from the neighbourhood. They help us create events, fundraise, and manage our many projects. Also, they are responsible for all our events running smoothly for the benefit of the visitors. They are the people out there getting ready, helping during events., and tidying up afterwards.

Our volunteers enjoy giving something back to the community; also, they love seeing a project completed. Above all, in the process, they have some fun!

What volunteering involves

When you volunteer with us, you will help the Trust meet its aims. Therefore, you will need to commit some time to the task. However, your involvement can be as small or as large as you prefer; you only need to be clear about how much time you have and your commitment level, and we will work with you to ensure we don’t overstep that.

What you do during your volunteering is primarily up to you. Although we are a small community-based charity, we have a broad spectrum of jobs that need doing. Such as: stewarding or planning an event, fundraising, building and grounds maintenance, gardening, ecology, administrative support, marketing, web and social media. These are just a few of the jobs where you can help out. Consequently, you can broaden your experience, knowledge and skills by helping us.

How to become a volunteer

Above all, the most important thing is to be clear about how much time you have and what you want to do to help. Be prepared to talk about your commitment, and we will find you meaningful volunteering work to do and ensure you have any support you need.
We are keen to help our volunteers gain new skills and experiences that they can use elsewhere. So, part of your volunteering adventure with us might involve learning something new or getting some experience with rusty skills.
We have written policies and procedures to protect our volunteers and safeguard you while you work with us. We are committed to an open, friendly and supportive environment for all our volunteers.

If you are thinking about volunteering with us, please get in touch; we will be happy to discuss it with you.