Lands Village Hall: a venue for Lands and Morley

External photograph of Lands Village Hall in monochrome


Details of the AGM, including documentation

Lands Village Hall Trust supports and promotes a vibrant community in the Lands and Morley area. This includes High Lands, Low Lands, Morley, and Lands Bank areas of Teesdale in the North East of England.

The village hall is an accessible, welcoming space. It is available to enjoy many activities, such as:

  • social, educational, and fitness groups;
  • support groups, and interest clubs; and,
  • community events.

The hall enjoys the support of the local community around Lands and Morley. Consequently, all the Trustees on the Management Committee live in the Lands and Morley local area. Trustees and supporters manage the hall, maintain the villages’ green spaces, and support the community in any way we can.

Recently, the hall fell on hard times. But, the Trust is now under the leadership of nine local Trustees. The Trustees want to improve the hall and make it relevant to the community again. So, we seek to update the hall and modernise what it does. Therefore, we are raising funds to support the reopening of the hall.

Help Lands Village Hall

The Trust is fundraising and needs donations to support its aims. In particular, we seek donations of time and materials to modernise our facilities. At the moment, the electrical distribution and heating in the hall is under renovation. Any donations of wiring, lighting, power sockets, etc. (meeting current regulations and standards) are welcome. So, please get in touch if you would like to donate or sponsor!

Once we’re out of the COVID-19 lockdown, we are planning a number of fundraising events to help us meet our goals. Our business plan includes refitting the electrics, renewing the kitchen, decoration, and improving our outside spaces. So, if you are able to help with any of these plans, we want to hear from you!

Additionally, watch out for more information on upcoming events, fundraising, and hall hires.

Our sponsors

Many thanks to the people, enterprises, and other bodies that donated already. We are grateful for their help and support.

Redcentaur Design donated hosting, domain registration and server management to get this website up and running.

ITEC North East agreed to give a £25 Amazon Voucher to every resident completing one of their Distance Learning Courses by 31 July 2020 and whose residency in Lands or Morley has been verified by the Trust.

Redcentaur Design created the layout and design of the Lands Village Hall Newsletter No.1 (June 2020) free of charge.

ITEC North East paid for the printing of the first Lands Village Hall Newsletter, which was published and delivered during June 2020.