Sponsorship opportunities

This post lists the sponsorship opportunities offered by the Trust. The Trust offers sponsorship rights aligned with our How Sponsorship Works page. Consequently, we regularly update this list with new assets. Also, we update taken assets on this list.

You can make an offer for an asset or register your interest in an asset. Just give your offer details in the form at the end of the page, under “Make an offer or register an interest”. When you submit your offer, include the reference given in the table.

If you can see better value from an opportunity than is available from the current configuration, we welcome counter–offers. This is because we believe sponsorship is a partnership where we have to work together for mutual benefit. We are flexible with our sponsorship deals and will assess the value of the asset compared with the value you offer for the asset.

If none of the sponsorship rights are suitable, please consider another form of donation. Find further information on our how to donate page.

List of sponsorship opportunities now available

LVH101VillageGreenThis enables the Trust to purchase plants and encourages the community to get involved in local environmental and ecological projects.
A sign will be placed on the village green with the name and logo of the current sponsor. A piece will be published on the village website, and in the Facebook community group detailing the extent of the sponsorship. The sponsor may be offered to write an article for the website blog related to the village green and the planting.
£1000 annual
LVH102VillageVillage tidy eventHelp the residents emerge from Lockdown with a community-led programme to clean litter and tidy the area. Sponsorship enables us to acquire equipment and provide refreshments.
The name of the sponsor will be associated with the event. Their name and logo will be placed in the vicinity of the refreshments stand and all publicity related to the event includes the sponsor's name and logo. Where publicity is electronic, this will include a link to the sponsor's website.
£250 one event
LVH103VillageNoticeboardGive the community information. The village needs a noticeboard where residents can find out what's on.
Sponsorship will enable us to purchase and install a noticeboard in a prominent position outside the village hall.
The sponsorship opportunity is to have a one-year association with the noticeboard. This provides a 'sponsored by' name and logo inside the noticeboard for the period of the sponsorship. The size of the messaging is 210 x 297mm. Multi-year options are available.
£300 annual
LVH104VillageEcology projectsGet involved in village ecology. Whether it's insect nests, birdhouses or hedgehog releases, your funding will enable a timetable of projects throughout the year.
This opportunity offers multiple events throughout the year where the sponsor can get personally involved in the ecology projects run by the Trust. We welcome projects suggested by the sponsor, although the Trust will maintain control over which projects are authorised.
The opportunity consists of the ability to brand and have a presence at our ecology project events throughout the year. Where a project has permanent physical information or notices, the sponsor can brand the information sheet or notices for the period of their sponsorship.
From £3000 annually.
LVH105PublicityNewsletterKeep residents informed of what we are doing by sponsoring the Lands Village Hall newsletter for one or more publications.
Lands Village Hall Trust keeps its residents informed of events and news about the Trust's activities through a newsletter. This is usually published on its website but occasionally it will be printed and distributed, when funds allow.
A sponsor can fund the printing and distribution of the newsletter for which they will receive recognition in the newsletter and on our website and Facebook page. The longer the period of the sponsorship relationship, the more the sponsor will get out of the deal.
VariesNewsletter No. 1 sponsored by ITEC North East
LVH106MarketingChristmas EventSponsor our Christmas decorations and Christmas events and put your logo on our flyers, Facebook page, Christmas Tree and in the hall. The level of marketing opportunities available depends on the value and extent of your sponsorship and your own targets.Varies, from £100 per eventChristmas Tree 2021 and Christmas Drinks event sponsored by Clarks Eggs.

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