Annual General Meeting 2024

10 May 2024 at 7pm Lands Village Hall

Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of the association will be at Lands Village Hall on 10 May at 7pm. This is an opportunity for all members to meet and review the work achieved over the last year, the work planned for the next year, and to have their say on important issues that affect the charity.

During the meeting, members will receive an update on our work and detailed information about the accounts and our Annual Return. Members will have their say on how the charity should move forward and will make important decisions governing the charity in the future. Members can also stand for and elect the members of the new Management Committee and the Officers.

We will post the full agenda and documents for the meeting on this page (below) before the meeting. If the documents are not yet available, please return to this page before the meeting to download and read the documents before the meeting.

Become a trustee or officer

We invite members to become active participants in the association. One way you can be active is to stand as a trustee for the charity. Being a trustee can be an enriching and engaging activity. You can learn new skills, pass on your skills and experiences to others, and meet new people. This is an exciting time for the association and we’d love you to be an active part of it.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee or officer, please get in touch for a chat over a coffee.

Matters for discussion at the meeting

Any member of the association can raise a matter for discussion and decision at the Annual General Meeting. A decision made at an AGM becomes a binding policy for the association because it is a decision made by the whole of the membership.

To qualify for discussion and decision, a member must put in writing the matter to be discussed. This should include a clear paragraph detailing the desired outcome. The proposal must be forwarded to the chairman of the trust at least 14 days before the date of the meeting and must include the signatures, names, and addresses of the proposer and the seconder of the motion. This means that a written proposal must be with the Chairman no later than midday on 26 April.

If you want to discuss an issue and would like help preparing a written proposal, please get in touch.

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Annual General Meeting Agenda and papers

The association will not print copies of papers for the Annual General Meeting. Please print your own copy to bring with you if you wish to refer to the documents at the meeting.

We shall link papers and documents here when they are available. We will make the documents available after 26 April, when we have all agenda items available.

The following papers are now available for this meeting:

2024 AGM Agenda

2023 Annual Report and Accounts

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